Travel Cage XL

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The "luxury motorhome" among transport options for your bird, for the big or small trip. Thanks to the unrestricted all-round view, he can participate in all activities and always have the direct Visual contact with you and you can always use - watch. It is suitable for parakeets and small ones Birds, African gray parrots, amazons, cockatoos to the great macaws and birds of a similar size.

* High impact polycarbonate

* 2 stainless steel doors with 16 mm gap width

* High air flow for complete ventilation

* Movable, structured seating branches - 5 locations!

* Safety food bowl * 19 and 45 mm Ø seat branches included

* Adjustable shoulder strap

* Easy setup

approx. 81 x 38 x 45 cm

Item number: 3208